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pyTivo has been and will continue to be a collaborative effort. Rather than ask for donations we ask that you contribute something back to pyTivo if you find it useful. Every pyTivo user is capable of contributing in some form, even if you know nothing about programming. The following are some suggestions. I am sure many more exist.


Fight SPAM!

If you find any spam, please delete it immediately by reverting a wiki page to its prior version.

Help the Documentation

pyTivo has an immense number of features. Unfortunately many of these features remain poorly documented or only briefly explained in the pyTivo Forum.

You can help by:

  • Editing this Wiki where the instructions or descriptions are vague.
  • Adding a new page if a feature has not been documented at all. For help creating a page see [1].
  • Creating a new page with instructions for installing pyTivo on a specific system.
  • Add How-To guides for installing or setting up pyTivo with images.

Even if something exists on the pyTivo Forum please add the details to this wiki. It is easier to locate help on this wiki than in the forums.

For more help on how to create and edit wiki pages please see the documentation.

Answer Questions

New users and prospective users post questions in the pyTivo Forum every day. Many of these questions require only a basic knowledge of pyTivo to answer. Then consider updating the wiki to answer the question in the future.

Find a Bug

If you happen to find a bug, and there are always a few, add it to the tickets. Be sure to describe the bug in detail and how it can be reproduced. Also make sure this is not a limitation of the TiVo HMO protocol. If you are unsure check with other users in the pyTivo Forum

Fix a Bug

If you know a little python programming maybe you can fix a bug that has been identified previously. For instructions on contributing a bug fix please read the Bug Guide.

Develop A Plugin

Develop a plugin for pyTivo. Read the Plugin Guide. Think of a Plugin. Make it!

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