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How do I actually START pyTivo?

This depends what version you downloaded and what options you have selected.

Windows Installer

If you selected "Install as Service" pyTivo should already be running. You can see it by going to http://localhost:9032 from the server.

Otherwise go to:
start -> program files -> pyTivo -> pyTivo Console
You will have to leave this console window open for pyTivo to run. If you want it to run without an open window you need to uninstall and reinstall it as a service.

Compressed Packages

First, download python. Install it. Download pyTivo, install it. Then you want to use python to run pyTivo. Python is a program that will interpret and run the script. So, in Windows, you could do this by running a command window (Start / Run and type in cmd). In the window you can launch python by typing 'python' if your path points to it. Otherwise, you have to spell out the location, like D:\python25\python. To pass a script to python, you'd type 'D:\python25\python'

socket.error: (98, 'Address already in use')

This error occurs when the port used by pyTivo is already used by another program. See port setting for help on how to fix this.

How can I prevent pyTivo for using 100% of my CPU?

On windows you can try this method by wgw here.

Video Shares never appear in "Now Playing" List (NPL)

Please see the TroubleShoot page to try and diagnose your problems.

Input Video with Nonsquare Pixels

Most computer video files will have pixels which are square since computer screens display square pixels. pyTivo generally assumes that it is reading a file with square pixels. Under a few circumstances, where the file is in a TiVo compatible form, where the aspect ratio is within a list of known non-square pixel dimensions pyTivo will assume that the file has nonsquare pixels. However if the file is not in a standard format and has nonsquare pixels the image may be distored on the TV. This is because ffmpeg does not return the aspect ratio of the input file. This issue is rare, but is a known problem. See Aspect Ratio for more discussion.

Note: Some users have reported that nonsquare pixels are now handled correctly using the latest pyTivo and ffmpeg builds.

Using Mac OS X I get "No module named subprocess" error

This is because you are using an earlier version of python than 2.5.

Network Shares are Empty on my TiVo When I run pyTivo as a Service

In order to access UNC or Network shares you need to add a username/password, that has access to the share, manually. Follow the instructions here.

How to make mpegs/vobs compatible with TiVo and pyTivo

See this sticky post in the pyTivo forum here

TiVo compatible file formats that can be transferred without transcoding

Compatible MPEG2 and h.264 files can be transferred without transcoding. For more information about compatible file formats, look here

How to group recordings into folders in the TiVo Now Playing List

Videos transfered to the TiVo are grouped based on the "seriesId" field in the metadata. You must add a valid seriesId to the metadata, and you can only group with existing shows. The seriesID must be something that exists in the current guide data.

Does pytivo use the metadata file [filename].tivo.txt for .Tivo files?

For .TiVo files, the internal metadata takes precedence over the .txt files. Otherwise the .txt file takes precedence (over MP4 internal tags, EyeTV tags, and .properties files).

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