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Contributions to pyTivo can take many forms.


Contributing a Bug Fix

If you are fixing a bug that you found in pyTivo the easiest way for us to incorporate it into the project is if you provide us with a diff of your work. You can then post this diff in the pyTivo Forum. If the bug is legitimate and the fix works properly someone will likely quickly merge your work in with the project.

Patches can be created using many different programs. The following is a guide for creating a patch using git.

   git clone git://<SOURCE OF FORK>/pyTivo.git
   cd pyTivo
   (edit files)
   git commit -a

   (edit files)
   git commit -a

   git pull (get any updates and merge them in to your branch)

   git format-patch -o mypatch origin (create a patch file for each commit 
                                       that is not the origin and place them 
                                       in the directory mypatch)

Contributing a New Plugin

The pyTivo project currently has plugins which allow for the display of video, music, photos, and the web administration panel. Future plugins could be expansions on these themes or may be free standing ideas. For help starting a plugin please see the Plugin_Guide.

Creating a New Fork

If you are interested in making substantial contributions to the pyTivo project you should probably start your own fork. By starting a fork on git you will allow other developers to merge in your work and to coollaborate with you. The following are the most basic steps for starting a pyTivo fork. To create a fork simply go to the Main pyTivo Git Site and select "fork" near the top center-right.

For More Info on Git

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