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pyTivo was originally developed by Armooo, but he has recently taken a break from pyTivo. However, development has continued in his absence. Today pyTivo is developed as a distributed collaborative effort by pyTivo users. Each developer maintains a separate fork of pyTivo. These forks are frequently merged together, as such there is very little difference between them. Any major difference is noted below:

wmcbrine fork

This version is generally considered the stable mainline development branch and many fixes and enhancements are seen here first.

New users are recommended to start here

Go to the following link and click the "Download ZIP" button (right column, bottom, has cloud icon with down arrow) to download the latest version of the wmcbrine pyTivo fork. Recommendation: Change the name to something like

  • Unzip the download
  • Examine the resulting README file
    • Note the need to edit pyTivo.conf in 3 places
      • 1. ffmpeg=
      • 2. [<name of share>]
      • 3. path=
    • To do so:
      • Start then go to http://localhost:9032/
      • or, copy pyTivo.conf.dist to pyTivo.conf and edit appropriately. Start
  • Go to http://localhost:9032/ and create a 'share' pointing towards some media files for your Tivo.
  • On your Tivo, go to My Shows / Devices / 'share' ... and enjoy.

lucasnz fork

lucasnz pyTivo repository (based on wmcbrine fork)

- ToGo and video share web UI improvements

- Mobile web UI

- Ability to specify temp share on pyTivo server to remux MP4 files reducing network traffic and increasing transfer speeds

- Automatic subtitle hard-coding

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